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Crawler Excavator

1.7t-30t available

Great balance and stability

Versatile adaptability


Wheel Excavator

Bucket capacity: 0.30m³

Fully hydraulic

High power, low fuel consumption


Wheel Loader

Bucket capacity: 0.65m³-0.8m³

Low failure rate.

The tires have good wear resistance and long service life.



Operating weight: 8200kg; 9100kg

Bucket capacity: 0.8m³; 1m³

Backhoe capacity: 0.3m³

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Complete Heavy Equipment Lineup

From excavators and wheel loaders to backhoes and dump trucks. We offer everything you need.

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Delivering versatile processing solutions for your projects.

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Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Nigeria.

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AIDO is dedicated to consistently delivering high-quality heavy equipment to our global customers, such as Indonesia,
the Philippines, Tanzania, Russia, Uzbekistan, etc.

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We export heavy equipment worldwide, offering diverse solutions for your engineering projects. Trust Aido for reliable equipment
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